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We have a very mature LSR overmolding project, know the difference between liquid silicone rubber and thermoplastic (metal), and know the appropriate process of each material (matching adhesive, front-end material treatment process, ultrasonic cleaning-plasma-flame), and have produced billions of customized silicone rubber overmolding parts for some leading top 500 enterprises today.

At present, the company has two sets of two-color 250T. One vertical 240 T. The radiation station is transferred to 2 sets.
We focus on customized services (mold-machine-auxiliary equipment) for mass production and efficient and stable delivery. In addition to mass production requirements!

We can also assist in economic mold design and development, hand-made and so on. (Rapid Mould) The company has its own 300X300-450X500 (matching 2 needle valves and 4 needle valves) rapid mould base. Achieve efficient verification, quickly shorten the customer verification cycle, promote product listing and preserve large quantities of accurate functions.

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What is LSR overmolding?

LSR overmolding process allows manufacturers to produce special components composed of two different substrates. Unlike LSR secondary molding (in which two materials are molded in the same molding process), in LSR overmolding process, LSR is molded around finished molded parts or metal or other substrates.

LSR overmolding process of Jvtech
Divided into two steps:

Step 1: automatically put the finished plastic, glass, metal and other materials into the cavity of the special LSR mold.

Step 2: the mold is closed, and the LSR material is injected into the cavity, and the LSR fills the designated area of the substrate to form a complete LSR integrated assembly.

It is necessary to cooperate with an experienced manufacturer who has experience and knowledge of mold and LSR overmolding process, and understands the subtle differences and differences between LSR and thermoplastics. It can decide success or failure.

Jvtech has the required professional knowledge and experience. In the early mold design stage, we set the control standard for the material parts for you, so that it can be verified quickly and accurately in the T0 stage and reduce the waste of your money and time.

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When is the best LSR overmolding?

Liquid silica gel overmolding can produce components with valuable characteristics, making it an ideal choice for many different industries. Common applications of LSR overmolding include:

life sciences

 LSR has a series of ideal characteristics, such as high biocompatibility, hypoallergenic, odorless and tasteless. These characteristics are very important for the medical and life sciences industries, especially when manufacturing respiratory equipment, surgical equipment, wearable equipment, intravenous injection and syringes and other items that must be disinfected. The medical industry also relies on LSR overmolding to produce LSR handles for stainless steel instruments and handheld devices.


Liquid silicone rubber overmolding provides perfect waterproof and weatherproof application for automobile manufacturers. Temperature-resistant seals for lighting lamps and electrical connectors. Oil-resistant adhesive (such as WACKER 3843 series) is an ideal material for automobile waterproof wiring harness. LSR (WACKER 3070)+PBT overmolding is often used to integrate seals into connectors and other plastic parts that require LSR seals.

 Consumption goods

Because LSR can withstand continuous exposure to cleaning products, water and other environmental factors, and has electrical insulation properties, it is a suitable material for a variety of consumer products, including shower heads, electronic equipment and distribution valves. LSR overmolding components are used in consumer electronics, food and beverage distributors and preparation products, beauty and cosmetics.

Industrial and special applications

LSR components can operate and withstand high temperature and pressure, enabling industrial manufacturers to use LSR overmolding to seal and gasket in demanding systems such as water heaters and furnaces. LSR overmolding is very suitable for parts with strict tolerances because it can produce accurate results.

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