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In today’s fast-paced industrial environment, automation technology has become the key to improve production efficiency and product quality. The company makes full use of automation technology to build the dust-free workshop into a production center for producing high-quality liquid silicone parts.

Application of automation equipment

Our company has a workshop of 15,000 square meters, equipped with 70 advanced liquid silicone molding machines. Each machine is equipped with a 3-axis manipulator, which can automatically load and unload parts and realize a highly automated production process.

In addition, some machines are equipped with 6-axis manipulator, high-definition mold cavity monitor and other automatic testing equipment for comprehensive monitoring and production of products.

Stability is the fastest.

In the process of liquid silicone molding, precise control of technical parameters is the key to ensure product quality.
Our company has finely adjusted and archived in digital system for each equipment (water, electricity, gas, environment, do point-to-point monitoring) combined with production parameters to achieve precision molding of products.

By monitoring the hard conditions to ensure that no defective products are produced. By synchronizing and optimizing the technical parameters, we are able to ensure consistent dimensional accuracy and quality for each batch of products.


 No.Facilities Brand Type Qty
 JT-ZS-001 LSR Injection Molding machines(Two shot) KRATON 300T 2
 JT-ZS-002 LSR Injection Molding machines KRATON 200T 3
 JT-ZS-003 LSR Injection Molding machines KRATON 160T 25
 JT-ZS-004 LSR Injection Molding machines KRATON 120T 15
 JT-ZS-005 LSR Injection Molding machines KRATON 85T 15
 JT-ZS-006 Plastic Injeciton Molding machines HAITAN 160T 6
 JT-ZS-007 CNC Engraving machines SODICK 850 4
 JT-ZS-008 CNC machines JIANGDE 650 2


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