On-demand Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding


Custom injection molding for liquid silicone prototypes and on-demand production parts in as fast as 1 day.Request an injection molding quote today.



ISO 9001:2015 ▏ISO13485 ▏ISO45001 ▏ISO14001 ▏IATF Registered


3.8 Million

Parts Molded each month



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On-demand Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding


Custom injection molding for liquid silicone prototypes and on-demand production parts in as fast as 1 day.Request an injection molding quote today.



ISO 9001:2015 ▏ISO13485 ▏ISO45001 ▏ISO14001 ▏IATF Registered

3.8 Million

Parts Molded each month


Product developers served


Innovative patents

Characteristics of Liquid Silicone Rubber

Under extensive tests, liquid silicone rubber has manifested outstanding compatibility with human tissue and body fluids, and it is hypoallergenic, thereby making it an excellent option for skin-contact products. In contrast to other elastomers, liquid silicone rubber is resistant to the growth of bacteria and will neither stain nor corrode other materials.

LSR is tasteless and odorless and can be formulated to meet the strict FDA standards necessary for food and beverage as well as baby products.

Compared with other elastomers, molded silicone is capable of withstanding a broad spectrum of temperature extremes, from high to low. LSR will retain its properties in extreme temperatures ranging from minus 60 degrees Celsius to 180 degrees Celsius. LSR can be discovered in applications such as dishwashers, showerheads, faucets, and hot water heaters that encounter a variety of hot and cold temperatures.

Liquid silicone rubber also possesses excellent insulating properties, which is beneficial for a multitude of electrical applications, including the rapid growth in EV battery applications. Compared with conventional insulating materials, silicone can function at far higher and lower temperatures.

Transparency and pigmentatio,Durable,Mechanical properties,etc. You can click here to get more.

LSR Molding Process

Liquid silicone is usually composed of Component A (including silicone polymers, fillers, etc.) and Component B (including cross-linking agents, catalysts, etc.).

Component A and Component B are precisely mixed in a certain proportion. Under the action of the catalyst, the cross-linking agent reacts with the silicone polymer, converting the silicone from liquid to solid and forming a cross-linked structure, thereby increasing the strength and stability of the material.

Liquid silicone has a low viscosity and can flow and fill well in the mold. During the molding process, conditions such as temperature and pressure will affect the curing speed and the performance of the final product.

  1. Product Precision
    Liquid silicone has good fluidity and can fill complex and fine mold cavities, thereby producing products with high precision and high complexity. Solid silicone is relatively weak in this aspect.
  2. Production Efficiency
    Liquid silicone molds can achieve automated production, and its curing speed is relatively fast, resulting in higher production efficiency. In contrast, the production efficiency of solid silicone is lower.

About Applications

  • Standard Silicone (5-80A durometers)
  • Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Optical-Grade Silicone
  • Fluorosilicone (fuel and oil resistant)
“Because of the characteristics of liquid silica gel, LSR can be applied to many industries, such as maternal and child, automobile, aviation, industry, medical care, consumer goods and so on.”
Who we are

One-stop Liquid silicone mould & final products manufactuer

Our liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding process can produce customized prototypes and final product parts in 30 days or less. We use China’s high-quality S36 to provide economical and efficient processing and accelerated manufacturing cycle, and reserve LSR materials of various grades and hardness.


The chemical characteristics of liquid silicone gel are stable, and the liquid shape can form complex shapes.


2K molding can be combined with two different materials of silicone molding, which can make your product unique,etc.


Because of its stable characteristics, silicone can be wrapped with metals, plastics, glass and other materials.

why choose us

Advantages of working with Jvtech


Since 2010, we have been manufacturing liquid silicone molds in China.


LSR mo is compl we vigorously introduce technical talents to specialize in design and manufacture.

Win-win cooperation

Invest 45% profit in automatic machines every year, so that your products can not only maintain stable and high-quality mass production, but also greatly reduce labor costs.



Lead time:

The prototype can be completed in 3 days at the earliest, and the normal completion cycle of the volume production mold is 25 days. The production cycle of products is about 21 days, which should be evaluated according to the product structure.

Machines available:

  • LSR Injection Machine 58 sets,
  • LSR 2K Injecton Machine 2 sets,
  • Plastice injeciton Machine 6 Sets,
  • CNC Machines 2 sets,etc.

Insepection and Certification Options:

Includes ISO9001 ISO13485 ISO45001 ISO14001,IATF 16949 registered and 6 Medical clean room.

Cooperative supplier:




Service industries:

Medical, Maternal and child, Auto parts, Electronics, Industry.

Injection Mold Tooling Options and Quality Reporting

We have two unique offers to meet your needs wherever you are in the product lifecycle.Our prototype injection molding process helps youcut product development cycles byweekssometimes months—and bridge to production with injection-molded parts within days. Our On-demand Manufacturing process is designed to meet your production needs, and helpsyou qualify parts quickly to seamlessly transition into production with scientific molding, in-process CMM inspections with GD&T, and a fullsuite of secondary operations to make surethat your parts show up and perform as expected.

 PrototypingOn-Demand Manufacturing
ObjectiveI need to validate my design at Jvtech speeds.I need the flexibility to conomically iterate before production.I have on-demand production needs at Jvtech speeds.
Best When
  • l Completing design or material iterations, and assessing cost or manufacturability tradeoffs
  • l Key focus is to reduce design risk, increase R&D productivity, and iteratefaster to reduce time to market
  • l Typical Quantities <2,000
  • l Design is finalized and run-to-run part consistency is critical
  • l Key focus is to improve quality, reduce cost, and mitigatesupply chain risk
  • l Process development, qualification documentation, and moldcapability information is required
Mold CavitiesSingleSingle and multi-cavity
Mold LifeLimited (guaranteed forat least 2,ooo shots)Unlimited
Mold StorageStored for18 months of inactivityStored for 3 years of inactivity
Mold OwnershipUpon requestYes

Awesome Project

Medical conductive silicon 2k molding

Material: LSR70A + LSR Conductive Silicone 40A

Music box molding

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Quality Inspections

When requesting a quote for your silicone rubber parts, you can select from the following options depending on your application’s requirements:

Quality Inspections for On-Demand Manufacturing Orders

  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Feedback
  • Scientific Molding Process Development Report
  • In-Process CMM Inspection and Machine Monitoring
  • First Article Inspection (FAI) and Process Capability Report with GD&T

Finishing Options

Jvtech provides customers with post-molding operation solutions after parts are molded.

We are equipped with laser engraving, machining, screen printing, UV, laser cutting and other non-standard equipment.

For large-batch, long-term projects that require LSR components, you can trust Jvtech. We provide solutions for all stages of production, from design and prototype support to production. Our decades of comprehensive experience, advanced technology and strong quality system have made us a leading position in the industry.

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