Quality System

The manufacturing control of Jvtech is strictly in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO45001 and ISO 14001, and IATF16949 is being implemented at the same time (it will be certified in July 2024). We unswervingly apply the knowledge of certification and counseling to production, and take accurate data records as the basis for correction and constantly improve ourselves.

High quality liquid silicone rubber (LSR) parts

Jvtech has delivered all kinds of complex and high-precision LSR components to high-end customers in various fields around the world, and our excellent customer quality rating is self-evident. 

We know that high-quality planning should be rigorous throughout the whole process from the beginning of the project. We ensure that all our fully automatic manufacturing processes (molds, manufacturing cells and post-molding processes) are optimized to provide high-yield and consistent high-quality parts, thus bringing smooth supply chain and product release to our customers.

Early participation
At Jvtech, our project initiation team (including engineering and quality engineering members) works closely with the customer team to establish a good understanding of the parts, their functions, expectations and project schedule. Knowing the functions and characteristics of parts (such as key dimensions, assembly connection, usage scenarios, special requirements) and quality expectations, you can deeply understand the required tolerance window, control plan and functional test and test fixture. And make a preparatory plan simultaneously to ensure the timely and high-quality delivery of the project.

Quality tools and best practices

At Jvtech, we regard quality as a scientific testing method and apply a series of problem-solving tools to ensure that we provide customers with consistently high-quality parts. This begins with a sound quality plan, a stable and controlled molding process, and the use of quality tools and best practices to meet the specific requirements of customers.

With the various quality tools available, Jvtech considers the following to be essential:


  • Advanced quality planning
  • Custom verification and qualification
  • Control plan
  • Customized program
  • Extensive measurement ability
  • Technical problem solving method


Visual Inspection

Optical devices such as magnifying glasses, stereoscopes and microscopes are used for inspection. A special magnifying microscope with high magnification of 10-300 times is used to measure complex micro-molded LSR components.

*silicone lens


LSR parts size control


For the size measurement of LSR parts, Jvtech’s QA laboratory has all kinds of measuring equipment from traditional technology to the latest technology. We design and manufacture custom fixtures to fix parts to achieve accurate and repeatable measurements. For example, optical CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) equipment often uses mirrors and custom fixtures to make accurate and complex measurements.

Functional test measurement

Functional testing simulates application-specific field conditions to test performance.

These may include Shore hardness and tensile tests, or leakage and pressure tests that are important for seals and diaphragms.

The flexibility and compression deformation characteristics of LSR are quite different from those of thermoplastics and other rigid polymers, and special methods are needed. Accurate measurement of LSR molded parts requires specific work guidance and training to ensure accuracy. For example, when using a hard gauge to measure Shore hardness, appropriate pressure must be applied to obtain accurate and consistent measurement results.


Industry and application also determine the manufacturing process, ISO certification requirements and overall quality plan.


For example, medical components are strictly tested and evaluated according to the purity and quality specified by customers. In addition to fully automatic production, we have 10,000-level dust-free and clean workshops for customers with medical device hygiene requirements.

In addition to health care products, baby products and food and beverage products may also need secondary vulcanization. In this process, LSR molded parts are placed in a vulcanizing furnace and heated to immediately discharge gases and volatiles, which naturally occurs with the passage of time. Jvtech provides complete traceability and documentation for each batch of secondary vulcanization.

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