Electric vehicles are the future.

The future trend of new energy vehicles is poised for rapid growth. With increasing environmental awareness and government support, the market share of new energy vehicles will continue to rise. Their use of clean energy has a positive impact on the environment, reducing emissions and helping to improve air quality and mitigate climate change. Additionally, the promotion of new energy vehicles will stimulate the development of related industries, create more job opportunities, and have a positive impact on economic growth.

4 Reasons to Turn to the liquid silicone for Automoblie Production Parts

1.Chemical Stability:

Liquid silicon is stable in extreme temperature and harsh environment, and is suitable for the operation of automobiles in various climatic conditions.

2.Chemical Resistance:

Flexible texture, not easy to burst, excellent explosion-proof performance.Non-toxic, low density, stable performance, high light transmittance of 92% and excellent weather resistance.

3.Temperature Resistance: 

Temperature resistance range: -40~250℃, and resistance to sudden cooling and thermal shock.


4.Overmolding Capabilities:

 LSR can be overmolded onto materials like plastic, glass, and metal, allowing the creation of complex, multi-material medical devices that enhance functionality and user comfort.

Automobile battery

Sealing of battery module: LSR is used to seal the joint and shell of battery module, which can prevent moisture and dust from entering the battery.

Medical Implants

LSR is used in various implants such as catheters, pacemaker components, and feeding tubes due to its biocompatibility and flexibility.

Liquid silicone lens

The advantages of liquid silicone lens are better elasticity and impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance and sealing performance.

Surgical Instruments

Its sterilizability and durability make it ideal for surgical tools, syringe components, and valve seals.

EV Motor

In EV motors, LSR can be used for motor end sealing, outlet sealing and winding insulation and fixation. LSR has excellent insulation performance. This is helpful to improve the electrical safety of the motor, reduce the risk of leakage and short circuit, and ensure the stable operation of the whole system.

Respiratory Devices

LSR is widely used in respiratory masks and tubing, benefiting from its flexibility and chemical resistance.

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Our production process has produced auto parts according to IATF16949 standard, and the certificate is expected to be issued in October 2024 to ensure that each part meets the industry requirements. From sealing rings to automobile lenses, our LSR products have won unanimous praise for their excellent performance.

High-quality production environment and strict quality control system are the basis of our continuous innovation and pursuit of Excellence. Whether it’s customized production or large-scale manufacturing, we provide the best solution.

ISO 13485 

ISO 9001

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Focus on OEM development of liquid products for more than 10 years.

Quality control

According to the ISO13485 standard, it has a 100,000-class dust-free workshop.

Low unit costs

We have been promoting automation to reduce labor costs.

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The mold can be completed within 7 days and the urgent order can be received.

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LSR/LIM Injection Molding

LSR molding is different from solid compression molding, with fast productivity and high precision. We also support multi-cavity mold design.

LSR 2K Molding

Jvtech has years of experience of producing multi-component molds and parts (2K or more).


We have a stable R&D process for multi-cavity molds to minimize your production costs.

Quality System

Strict implementation of ISO system standards, professional testing equipment to control product quality.

Volume Production

24-hour operation dust-free production workshop equipped with robotic pick-up, intelligent material storage system.

Mould Manufacturing

Support rapid mould, accurate mold flow analysis, and quickly enter according to DFM documents. Stage T0.

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