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Why Choose Liquid Silicone Rubber?

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a versatile and economical choice for a wide range of silicone molded parts. Odorless, tasteless and hypoallergenic, it is the ideal raw material for devices intended for use in a sterile environment. LSR is also fatigue and tear resistant and features a low compression set, high elongation, and high thermal stability. As a result, it can be used in any state in which exceptional durability is required, and is available in medical, food contact, and high thermal conductivity grades.

One-Stop Molding Solution

We provide one-stop engineering and development services

● Manufacturability Design

● CAD/CAE Product and Mold Design

● Mold Flow Analysis

● Data Privacy

Comprehensive silicone product solutions

● Product Development

● Precision Mold Making

● Injection Molding

● Secondary Processing and Assembly


We made the word with LSR

Of course, this includes not only the following industries. If you have a silicone project, please contact us directly.


we are highly capable of providing superior-quality and exceptionally precise products to our esteemed customers within the Medical Device industry.


Liquid silicone has excellent high temperature resistance and biocompatibility, does not contain harmful substances, and can provide the most comfortable and safe product experience.


Jvtech's professional liquid silicone injection molding and mold manufacturing is one of the important technologies in the production of health care and maternal and child products.


We follow industry standards to ensure precision and quality in every detail to meet the automotive industry's high requirements for complex components.


Multi-component injection molding and offer significant potential and opportunities for innovation and development in 3C&Smart Tech products, providing consumers with more diversity and functionality.


Jvtech provide customers with customized services, according to the needs and requirements of customers, tailored to meet their needs of industrial products.