Multi-component injection molding and mold manufacturing are key technologies in the production of consumer products. Multi-material injection molding technology allows for the injection of multiple different materials into the same injection mold, enabling design diversity and functional versatility in products. This technique combines various materials such as plastics, metals, and rubbers to meet the requirements of different products. Mold manufacturing, on the other hand, forms the basis for producing multi-material injection molded products. By designing and machining molds, it ensures product quality and precision. Multi-material injection molding and mold manufacturing offer significant potential and opportunities for innovation and development in 3C&Smart Tech products, providing consumers with more diversity and functionality.


We offer contract manufacturing services for our customers in the Consumer Product industry. We focus on decorative components and complex modular assemblies for the market including hair removal device, coffee makers, steam irons, action cameras, and blue-tooth audio headphones. Our wide range of services covers Design for Manufacturing (DFM) guidelines in product design, tooling & manufacturing feasibility, product development, in-house test & production precise injection mold making, molding, secondary operation & Automated Module Assembly.


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