What should be prepared before giving birth?

The birth of a new baby is what every family looks forward to most. As an expectant mother, there are a lot of things you need to prepare before giving birth. Such as diapers, cribs, baby clothes, etc. The most important thing is to prepare breast pump, baby can absorb the best quality of nutrition. Of course, you can also prepare one or two silicone bottles in advance for the baby’s weaning. The first choice for baby bottles is silicone baby bottles! So, what are the advantages of silicone milk bottles compared with plastic and glass milk bottles?



  1. The silicone bottle is made of food-grade silicone and PPSU, which is safer and odorless.
  2. The bottle is equipped with an anti-bloating valve to effectively prevent the baby from bloating.
  3. Silicone bottle is easy to grasp and not easy to break,also wear-resistant and breakable.
  4. The silicone bottle is more flexible and acceptable to the baby.
  5. The silicone bottle can be used for up to 3-5 years, and can be used repeatedly after high temperature disinfection, and the baby’s health will not be affected.
  6. Above these points,I believe it is enough to move you completely, for the health of the child, come and buy it!



Are silicone baby products safe?


There is no doubt that the health of the baby has always been the biggest concern for expectant mothers. I wonder if you have prepared the baby products? What material did you choose? Are there any good brands? At present, the most popular baby products on the market are made of liquid silicone, such as pacifiers, bottles, baby teether, toothbrushes and so on. It does not contain bis phenol A, and is not easy to damage. It has excellent anti-aging and heat resistance.



For children, safety must be the most important thing. Compared with hard rubber and other plastics, the advantage of silicone products is that soft materials are more safe and safe for children. In terms of raw materials, silicone is generally made of polymer environmentally friendly silicone. Made from customized raw materials, the children’s silicone toys are non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating to the skin. The color is full and generally does not appear to be mixed and multi-color, and the color is different! Long-term use will not cause any reaction, conflict, and no change, so after seeing it Buy again!

Furthermore, the process of making silicone baby products is subject to layer-by-layer control. First, the materials must be tested, and the safety and flexibility must be tested before they can be used in the product. After the finished product is formed, it must be sterilized by secondary vulcanization and blown by ionic wind, and after appearance inspection and random inspection, the product can be packaged and delivered to the customer. So the answer to you is very clear: silicone baby products are very safe, you can go to buy it without thinking.



Why should baby silicone products use food-grade silicone material?



The development trend of silicone



Silicone is a raw material that has emerged in recent years. Silicone products are also popular due to the characteristics of silicone. At present, China’s silicone rubber technology has approached maturity. Silicone products are also widely used in various industries in our country, especially in daily life. In the field, this shows to a large extent that China’s silicone products have a good development prospect. With the application of silicone in various fields such as industry, it has gradually replaced rubber materials. Its application fields have been expanding and the market space has been increasing. It can be seen that the prospect of silicone is very impressive.

The silicone industry is a capital-intensive, high-tech industry. Compared with labor-intensive industries, silicone raw materials are mainly used in large industries such as electronic appliances, medical equipment, and baby products. Covering a wide range, many previous rubber products will gradually be replaced by silicone.

At first, silicone was mainly used in the military industry. After the Second World War, the scope of application gradually expanded. The use of silicone as a desiccant is very common at home and abroad. With the acceleration of the process of specialization, the quality of applications in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, biochemistry, environmental protection, paint, textile, paper, ink, plastic and other industrial fields.The level of peace has reached a new level.


When can babies start to stop breastfeeding?


The baby needs to abstain from breastfeeding from birth to a certain stage of growth. At this time, it is necessary for the mother to give the baby more good-looking and delicious things to attract the baby’s attention and prevent the baby from being immersed in the desire to drink. Emotionally. So when is the best time for babies to quit? Let’s find out the answer today.

1.Try to choose to abstain from milk in autumn

Quitting breastfeeding in summer can be very hard for both mother and baby. In the hot weather, the baby will be irritable, and the change of food will make it easy to indigestion. Summer is the peak period of bacterial reproduction. It is recommended not to quit milk in summer. The weather is cold in winter, and the baby is emotionally unstable when giving up milk, and it is easy to catch a cold and fever when crying, so it is not recommended.

The weather is cool in autumn and there are plenty of fruits and vegetables. In the fall, mothers can also add nutritious food supplements to their babies, and the babies will develop better.



2.The golden period of abstaining from milk is 8-10 months

It is best to start giving your baby from 8 to 10 months of breastfeeding and weaning from 10 to 12 months. Step by step, go with the flow, and gradually increase complementary foods, so that your baby can adapt slowly, and don’t quit milk in a hurry.

So how many days does it take for the baby to be weaned?

  • Generally, weaning will be successful in about a week. The time of complete weaning varies from person to person. The inability to express milk will extend the time of weaning. Weaning must not be taken suddenly. Weaning is a gradual process. Before weaning, parents should make some preparations for the baby, mainly adding complementary foods in time, so that the baby has a process of adapting to the digestion of other foods.


  • When the baby just started weaning, because of unsuitability, he would cry and make a lot of noise.The elders will feel softhearted when seeing the child crying, so it is difficult to wean the baby. When the baby is crying, mom and dad must have full patience to comfort the baby, so as to be successfully weaned.


  • Babies will resist eating some foods when weaning, so moms and dads must work harder to find some food suitable for babies. If you are full of complementary foods, your baby’s attention to milk will be reduced, and you will find that baby don’t have to drink milk every meal.


  • When babies are weaned, they will have a great sense of uneasiness. They often have symptoms such as crying, anorexia, weight loss, and low mood. These are all normal phenomena. At this time, mom and dad need to spend a lot of time with the baby and let the baby gradually accept this weaning state.


It is necessary to have a strong perseverance when giving your baby to abstain from milk, especially for the mother. After all, it is possible that the baby is crying and wants to drink . but you must persist it for the baby. And after we quit milk successfully, we can change the pattern to cook nutritious and delicious food for the baby, give the baby the nutrition he needs, and let the baby grow up quickly.



Is it safe for children to chew?

How long can it be used?


There will be a budding period when babies grow up, and they will become particularly fond of biting things. At this time, the family can prepare a child chew for the baby to alleviate this situation. So is it safe for children to chew and how long can they be used? Let’s take a look together!

The safest children chews on the market are all made of silicone, which is resistant to high temperatures and has a long service life. And if you choose a chew that contains plastic, it is not recommended to use high temperature disinfection, because a long time of boiling will make it lose its elasticity, and the harmful ingredients in it will also play out and endanger the baby’s health.

When buying a chew for a newborn baby, you must pay attention to whether it is made of a single silicone material. It is not recommended to buy a chew with protrusions or small parts. The vocal chews often have pores. If they are not cleaned thoroughly, they may also bring about the risk of bacteria and mold contamination. In addition, chewing gum cannot be done once and for all. It is recommended to replace the baby chew with a new one after 3 months.



Application of wire harness in automobiles


With the continuous optimization of automobile performance, there are more and more applications of water-proof connectors for automotive wiring harnesses. In addition to material selection and processing in accordance with the application specifications of waterproof connectors, necessary processing should be made on the details of the wiring harness that are prone to siphoning. The performance of the waterproof connector and the quality of the car can be improved in this way. So what are the specific requirements for the connector seal applied to the car?

Basic performance requirements:

  • Anti-aging.
  • Low compression set.
  • Permanent sealing effect.
  • Optimized oil penetration.
  • Forming an oil film to prevent the erosion of moisture.
  • Lubricating effect, easy to plug or unplug the connector.
  • Using injection machine for high-efficiency production without secondary vulcanization.



Connector seal. Wire harness and parts of automotive sensors. The wire harness is usually rectangular, and there are many small holes in the wire harness. The wires of the sensor pass through the small holes, and the wire harness serves to fix the wires. The high-quality wiring harness seal can not only play a waterproof function, but also oil-proof, which greatly increases the safety of driving.


Application of sealing silicone ring in automobile


Silicone rubber products are widely used in various products in life because of their unique performance characteristics. As one of the most popular means of transportation, although it is mainly composed of sheet metal parts, it also requires a large amount of silicone rubber products to provide an indispensable role for its various parts. The role of silicone rubber products in automobiles is mainly dust-proof, shock-proof, water-proof, etc., providing a reliable protective wall for the service life and stability of various components. The sealing silicone ring plays a huge role in automobile parts, for example, it can fix the oil grid to allow impurities to flow out better.



Here is an introduction to the commonly used sealing parts in the automotive field:

Vehicle engine

Turbocharger hoses, oil filter check valves, seals, O-rings, cooler seals, seals, damping rings, seals, engine brackets, engine cylinder head seals.

Vehicle body

Exhaust pipe suspension, vibration and noise reduction components, dust cover, wiper, diaphragm, lamp seal, airbag.

Vehicle gearbox

Bonding connectors, sealing.

Vehicle electronics

Ignition, spark plug sheath, button, ABS control system, ignition control system, sensor, wire speed seal.

After reading the above examples, I wonder if you have a better understanding of the application of silicone seals in automobiles? So let’s talk about other series of products next time!


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